Innomark is the leading private label bottling service provider for natural products such as Noni, Acai, Goji, and Mangosteen juice, Vanilla extract and Tamanu oil.

Innomark can assist you in all areas of private label bottling. From sourcing, formulation, and blending to sampling, quality assurance, labeling, and packaging, Innomark offers you a complete solution.

Let us show you the Innomark difference where it's all about PEOPLE, PRODUCTS, and PRICING.

Why Partner With Innomark?
When you work with us you'll finally see what true customer service feels like. We can help you in the following areas:

Bulk Acai Bulk Noni Bulk Goji
Bulk Nopal/Prickly Pear Bulk Garcinia Cambogia Bulk Green Coffee Bean
Bulk Raspberry Keytone Bulk Dragonfruit Bulk Pomegranate
Bulk Acerola Bulk Amalaki Bulk Guarana
Bulk Maqui Bulk Mangosteen Bulk Tamanu
Bulk Agave Nectar Bulk Coconut Water Concentrate Bulk Vanilla
Bulk High ORAC Blend Bulk Passion Fruit Bulk Camu Camu
Bulk Kiwi Bulk Pineapple Bulk Blueberry
Bulk Concord Red Grape Bulk Niagra White Grape Bulk Cupuacu

Formulation We have a food scientist on staff that specializes in formulating new products. If you have an idea of what you'd like in the bottle, we can take it from there by suggesting the appropriate amount of each ingredient to assure the color, texture, and taste you're seeking.
Sourcing Ingredients We've established numerous contacts throughout the world to source just about anything you're seeking. If we haven't heard of it before, we'll find it and make sure it's placed in your product.
Sourcing Components Our specialty is with both glass and HDPE / PET plastic bottles. Common bottles include Buttress, Boston-Round, Hot-Sauce, Wine ranging from 1 oz. bottles up to 25 or 32 oz. and even gallon jugs. We meet our customers' specifications by acquiring the type and size of bottle, cap, and neck sleeve they desire to market.
Blending Our laboratory staff and production team work closely together to create quality blending of ingredients prior to mass production.
Quality Assurance We offer automated lines with Quality Assurance Stations to assure efficiency of our processes. We're constantly seeking new methods to increase our bottle volume per minute. This automation includes descrambling the bottles to be placed on the line, filling the bottle, purified and filtered mist applied to the nozzle for proper capping of the bottle, application of neck sleeve through the heat tunnel, passing of bottle through the cooling tunnel, application of label and batch #/expiration date on bottle, pack off table where bottles are packaged, taped and labeled according to specification. All products are properly pasteurized, filtered, blended, and cleansed in one of the largest clean rooms in the state of Utah. Pre-Production Samples We recommend that all of our clients receive a pre-production sample prior to running a complete purchase order to assure that the product appears and tastes exactly to what the customer expects.
Privacy Policy
Privacy is taken very seriously at Innomark Inc. Our privacy policy is simple.
We will not provide,rent, or make available in any way, your email address to any parties outside of Period.

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