COMPANY HISTORY InnoMark, Inc. was established in the late 1990's. The founders of the company have had many years experience in marketing and production, especially in the development of noni products from the South Pacific. The company manages every aspect of noni product development, from noni plant cultivation, to processing, to bottling, to bulk exports and product marketing. InnoMark can supply noni juice, noni leaf and fruit capsules, noni tea, acai juice, goji juice, mangosteen juice, vanilla and tamanu products. InnoMark also supplies a number of other fine natural supplements to round out their product line. Exciting new products are under development.

The marketplace for InnoMark includes buyers of bulk products, sales through distributors and wholesalers in the U.S. and in more than 16 foreign countries.

InnoMark is now vertically integrated in natural products from the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and South America. Such integration enhances our ability to provide the marketplace with the highest quality, largest volume, most effective, purest and safest natural ingredients available anywhere at very reasonable prices.

InnoMark has expanded its market reach through international marketing efforts and has grown every year since its founding. InnoMark can and does provide for the purchase of large quantities of our products, at wholesale or distributor prices, to reputable companies in the natural food supplement business.

InnoMark sells approximately 150 metric tons of super fruit juice per month. InnoMark currently purchases raw fruits from a variety of sources in the South Pacific and Asia.

Vision To be recognized in the international community as the world's premiere supplier and bottler of select organic, kosher certified natural fruit juices, oils, powders, and extracts processed in USDA facilities. InnoMark is dedicated to providing their customers with safe and beneficial natural products.
Mission The friendliest and most trusted source anywhere for bulk quantities of natural health products at competitive prices.
Customer Logic Niche focus - After years of study and direct experience, we have found and are promoting a new market niche that has not been fully developed: the gathering, processing and bottling of natural health products under one roof in a strategic location all to assure we can offer lower shipping costs and reasonable prices for our products.

Target market - 2 million bottled beverages are consumed every 5 minutes in the US. Many retailers, mass marketers and wholesalers supply this growing market and constitute our target market.

Wide range of products - Exotic super juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, performance drinks, enhanced drinks, power drinks, powders, flavorings, exotic oils etc.

Wide range of customers- We service customer of all types in over 16 countries. We help those who may be just starting with a new concept by taking it from start to finish as well as well established companies with reputable products.

Product Logic Commodity - Most of the super juice product on the market are watered down or adulterated with cheap and often dangerous chemicals. We will not cut corners to compromise our quality or the purity of our ingredients. We guarantee a product that contains exactly what the label states.

Uniqueness - We strive to offer the most unique and authentic natural health beverages with the best ingredients from the proper species of plants and optimum sources in the world.

Features and benefits - The purity and integrity of our products benefit people of all ages. All of our bottles contain clear batch numbers and expiration dates as required by the FDA. All of our beverages are properly tested to meet specifications and flash pasteurized for safety.

Physical quality - We package our bulk materials to assure safety and quality. We also strive to minimize shipping costs so we can pass the savings on to you.

Style and trend - There is a growing trend for people to drink unadulterated "super" juice drinks. People are tired of paying too much money for a product that does not meet its claims. We focus our time and energy to assist our customers in creating the highest quality product at the most competitive pricing. The market is growing at an amazing rate.

Speed/timeliness - We will handle all sales and service calls promptly and professionally.

Personal attention - Our entire program is based on personal attention to our customers.

Life-style -We would like to share the caring lifestyle that makes Utah famous.

Economic Logic Market growth -The market is growing at an amazing rate as more and more people are interested in natural health products. We have adjusted to this growing demand by increasing our warehouse, laboratory and processing space as well as employee base.

Market share expansion - Our low prices and high quality products will expand our market share. We exert appropriate energy to assure we're saving money from every aspect while passing those same savings on to our customers.

Demand creation - We expect to increase demand through trade show participation and marketing and PR methods.

Vertical integration- We gather, process, and bottle natural health products under one roof in a strategic location to lower shipping costs. We are in direct contact with all suppliers/farmers of the basic, natural health products.

Price dominance - Our prices will always be competitive.

Cost performance - We stay on top of the market by making sure that our customers are receiving the highest profit margin possible. We only ship excellent product that will clearly reflect the price negotiated.

STRUCTURAL LOGIC Product focus - We will focus on supplying new, high demand super juices presently on the market or that have high sales potential.

Technology focus - We strive to be on the cutting edge of all technological improvements related to our business and high quality product processing.

Production focus - We will always look for the best resources to improve our processing methods.

Selling focus - We will find the best ways to access our potential customers at a reasonable cost. We will use various marketing techniques to share and expand our programs. We will focus on being knowledgeable and serviceable to best accommodate our customer base.

Distribution focus - We will assist our customer base to establish correct distribution practices while continually improving our own methods of efficiency and synergy.

CUSTOMER VALUE PACKAGE Environmental - Our products are natural, organic, and kosher certified. Our USDA facility is governed by HACCP and GMP.

Sensory - Our products are all designed to provide optimum packaging appearance, taste and ease of use.

Interpersonal - Our entire program is founded on the trusted interpersonal relationships we strive to develop with our customers.

Procedural - We utilize a detailed procedural manual to insure quality service to our customers.

Deliverable - All of our products and services must be delivered on time and within a customer's budget.

Informational - We will continuously improve and develop the information we provide to clients.

Financial - We will make it easy for our customers to finance their purchases and minimize risks.